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September 24, 2021

How Exercise Keeps Your Skin Healthy

Typically, you think of exercise as being something that only helps your waistline and your muscles, but there are other parts of your body that exercise can help as well. As the title of the article states, exercising regularly can also help keep your skin vibrant and healthy. How exactly? Well, there are two distinct reasons why exercising is good for your skin…

Exercise reduces stress

Stress is terrible for your skin, especially around your eyes and face. Stress makes it harder for your body to heal damage to your skin, which means that existing skin issues are aggravated when you are stressed. Likewise, have you ever noticed how you breakout more often when you are stressed out? That’s no coincidence when you are stress your body releases a hormone called cortisol, which tells your body to release more oils, which in turn increases the chances of you having a breakout. Plus, stress causes you to worry, which can create annoying worry lines on your face. Also, while stress does make some people overly tired, for others it causes them to be unable to sleep. If you are one of the latter, then you also have to worry about stress causing bags around your eyes.

Thankfully, exercise is a great form of stress release. Even though exercise doesn’t solve the problems in your life that are causing stress, it does allow you to use up pent up energy and it does allow you to clear your mind. Both of these will lead to you feeling less stressed out. Exercising can have a direct impact on things like acne and eczema, so if you suffer from either of these, regular exercise can help you out.

Exercise increases blood flow

Good blood circulation is essential to keeping your skin healthy. Good circulation means that all your skins cells are getting exactly the amount of oxygen and nutrients that they need. Even people who look healthy may have poor circulation, which negatively impacts their skin. By exercising regularly, you ensure that your circulatory system is working at 100%, which also ensures that your skin remains healthy and vibrant.

So remember, next time you go for a run or lift weights, you aren’t just shedding pounds and toning your muscles, you are also ensuring that your skin stays healthy as well.


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